Why… Again…?

Uvalde, Texas.

I used to teach in Cotulla, Texas.

I was once in the high school where the monster went to school in order to help hold a UIL contest. That school does not generate monsters. The blame does not belong to them.

The current evil Emperor of Texas says because the armed guards at the elementary school were outgunned, there was no way to stop this shooting from happening.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and future lizard-king of this country says gun-control laws wouldn’t have prevented the shooting.


How much does the gun lobby pay you to spit such poison frogs out of your wiggly-tongued propaganda holes?

Uvalde is worse than Parkland and Sandy Hook and Columbine… but only because it happened after those horrors.

Excuse me, please, I am not through grieving yet… I will never be through grieving.


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4 responses to “Why… Again…?

  1. It is much bigger than the “gun lobby.” If you combine all the civilian firearms manufacturing in the US, you don’t even get a Fortune 500 company out of them. Trivial compared to Apple or Facebook or Disney. The NRA has some political power but that is only because it has tens of millions of supporters. You cannot deny those supporters their right to collectively advocate for their beliefs.

    Like so many issues, it has become polarized. Like the Democrats, the GOP advocates for its base. The GOP base has been polarized into a rabid pro-gun rights position. You would no more see a GOP candidate push for gun control than you’d see a Democrat push for limiting abortions. The voters in a Republican district will vote them out for a more hard line candidate.

    And that is why we don’t have strict gun control on a national level. The voters won’t allow it. If the voters wanted strict gun control, the “gun lobby” wouldn’t matter. If the country weren’t so polarized, I’m sure various compromises could be reached that would make a majority of people happy. But both parties today are driven by their activist base with little attempt to reach out to the middle.

  2. Our friend Scottie has included a must see video of a press conference of NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr after one of the playoff games. It is six minutes long, but you can glean his emotional plea in about ninety seconds. He feels what most of us feel.


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