Why… ?

We are struggling as a country.

After Buffalo, how can we say we are post-racism?

Is this a racist picture?

The people are white. Blond. Blue-eyed. And in front of an American flag.

It shouldn’t be. The girl loves her father. But in a couple of months, she will lose him to suicide.

He fumbled finances for the family farm and lost his third of the family farm to the bank. That was in 1984. He was no longer alive in 1985. He only belonged to her for the first eleven years of her life.

This girl is Kim Fields. She was a child star on the TV show The Facts of Life through most of the 1980s.

Let me ask you a philosophical question.

If you had the power of God and could give Valerie back her father….

But in order to do it, you would have to sacrifice the life of Kim Fields in 1984 to have the power, would you do it?

If you can even give one serious thought to answering “yes” for a second or two…. and you are not actually God…

Well, I will never understand you. I had to battle myself just to write the stupid question. I suppose that’s why I will never understand what racism is. My picture is not racist. Kim is not racist. But… it’s in there somewhere, no matter who you are. And it kills people.

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