Lost Momentum at Last

I am running a free book promotion until April 26, 2022. So far, on the 3rd day, no one has clicked on it for a free copy. Of course, that is not surprising considering how much my writing of late is being thoroughly ignored. Numbers are down on WordPress, lower than at the lowest point during all of last year. And I only get noticed on Twitter by 2 or 3 other Tweeters despite over 3,000 followers.

My most recent novel

Why the trend of a terrible week in a terrible month?

Who knows.

Sales are down. Notice isn’t taking place. I haven’t been able to get much real writing done.

Perhaps I’ve lost my mojo.

Perhaps I have become retroactively stupid.



Perhaps I am no longer funny, and my sense of humor has died and grown smelly.

But I have been down and floundering for over two weeks now because of poor health. My miseries color my perception. If I am being realistic, I have been in this same spot before and will be again. I am still alive. I am now four-ple vaccinated with a second Covid booster. Hopefully I will still be alive when things get better. And they will get better for all of us. (And that is Mickey the Pessimist saying it.)

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