A Phone Call From the End of the World

I can hear you thinking as you read, “Oh, no! That fool Mickey is going to prophecy the end of the world again.” But… No, I’m not.

Things like the Biblical Book of Revelations are really just vague lists of things that probably will happen in the future no matter what we do, woven together by fantasies about how the fairy tales of Judeo-Christian religion fit together like puzzle pieces that you must pound into place.

My predictions from the End of the World are only about my personal world coming to an end. You see, I am a 65-year-old man in poor health with six incurable health conditions and having been a cancer survivor since 1983. Realistically, if I manage to live as long as my mother did, I have twenty-two years left. But I developed diabetes at age 48 while she didn’t develop hers until she was older than 65.. That could easily take away 17 years from the equation, meaning I only have five years left.

So, when I got the phone call from future me at the end of time… my end of time, not the whole world’s, I was asked to list the things I needed to get done before I died. I came up with a simple list.

  1. I needed to get out of debt so I would leave no tragic burdens to my family.
  2. I needed to write and publish my best novel ideas (Snow Babies, Catch a Falling Star, Sing Sad Songs, and the Baby Werewolf.)
  3. I need to face the truth about myself being a victim of sexual assault during childhood, and my deep desire to become a nudist.
  4. I need to raise my three children to adulthood.
  5. I need to live a life that is worthy.
My selfie from the day I learned my mother had died.

Looking at my to-do list realistically, I don’t really have any big worries.

  1. I paid off my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in December of 2021.
  2. All four of those stories (originally titled; Nobody’s Babies, the Star Child, Little-Boy Crooner, and the Baby Werewolf) are now published along with 17 other books.
  3. And I have been told to shut up about these things in my blog, which I probably won’t do, but I have shared all of my deepest, darkest secrets already.
  4. My children are now 27, 23, and 20.
  5. And all I have left to do is reach the day of my death without doing anything horrible, evil, or criminal.

So, my personal Book of Revelations have no birds pecking at my dead eyeballs, and no real indication that I am headed for Hell and an eternity of torment like the Baptists, Catholics, and Mormons all told me they want me to.

I do worry about the rest of you though. Nuclear War, Environmental Collapse, Wars of Armageddon, Dogs and Cats living together…. Well, I can’t give you any positive insights about all of that. But I am one of those crazy old men now who go about wearing the sandwich boards that say, “The End of the World is Near!!” And I am not afraid anymore… or particularly worried about anything.


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2 responses to “A Phone Call From the End of the World

  1. Mickey, you have overcome a great deal. What is interesting to me is the end of human life may result not from an apocalypse, but from the fact we may run out of water to drink and crops to grow. The two biggest challenges (per the World Economic Forum) facing humans has been the global water shortage and climate change, which makes the first problem even worse, yet very few folks are identifying them as problems and doing something about it. Keith

    • Coming from a farming family in Iowa, I agree with with those two biggest challenges. I have been worried for some years that the food systems we now have will collapse due to weather problems like drought, excessive hail, tornadoes, and flooding. Two of the last five years were near disasters in farm-country Iowa. Still, I am not going to make any predictions about that.

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