So, What Do I Write About Now…?

Here I am again with another novel done and published, and soon to be promoted, and nothing else exciting me enough to write about it today. What do I need to talk about that I haven’t burbled and babbled about enough recently?

Valentine’s Day recently happened. But I don’t celebrate it because of my wife’s holiday-hostile religion. Though I did take her and my daughter out to dinner last night. It wasn’t really a celebration, just an acknowledgement that we are all still alive and a family and need to eat good food.

Writer’s block doesn’t really exist for me. I have four novel projects I could work on. One is merely editing a finished manuscript. One is further revision of a novel that has to be revised. One is a fresh idea already started on a rough draft. The fourth is sitting only in my head. So, you can see I could choose any of those to work on.

But this blog is the problem. What do I write about for today’s post, number 363 in row? I have to write something. Is this nonsense post going to be it?

Well I guess this is it after all.


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2 responses to “So, What Do I Write About Now…?

  1. Best wishes for your continued success.

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