The Literate but Illogical Introvert (Part 4)

Mickey, how can you possibly talk about being illogical?

I intend to use magic.

But magic is not scientific or even factual. It’s not logical!

Voila! That’s the plan!

Oy! At least I understand why you led with the duck thing.

Yes, a large part of creativity is taking things that don’t go together and finding a way to put them together anyway to make something surprising and new.

Like two girls from outer space wearing high-tech bikinis in Avery’s south pasture?

Of course! Girls in bikinis are always good.

So, that explains the recent obsession with paper dolls, huh?

Especially the Annette Funicello doll, even with no bikini.

And it also explains turning Ricky and Stacey dolls into Butterfly Children.

Getting to make art with full-frontal nudity without worrying about exposed genitals.

That comment is a bit worrying.

Hakuna Matata, silly dialogue voice.

So, you could say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the illogical idiot?”

You said it!

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