Falling Down

Yesterday the ice and snow began to melt. Then during the night the temperature dropped and things refroze. So, this morning, while walking the dog, I found a slippery invisible patch in the alleyway and both my feet and my cane shot out from under me. I landed flat on my back. I have to catch my breath again just from remembering it. I expected to be stiffer than I am. But I didn’t get up unhurt completely.

I seem to be falling down a lot lately… in more ways than one.

I recently had my book, The Wizard in his Keep up for review on the Pubby review exchange. Disturbingly, it got a two-star review from somebody who was supposed to be a recommended reader, someone who supposedly likes this kind of science-fiction story. Now, I can certainly withstand bad reviews. I know my writing is not perfect for every reader in the world. But, for some reason, Amazon never approved that low-rating review, so I never got to find out what was so bad about my story. I don’t crave bad reviews. But I do want to know why it went so wrong for one reader. There are really only a few reasons why the Amazon review-approver might’ve nixed it. It may have been such an insulting rant that it violated the politeness policy. Or it may be the same reviewer that tanked my novel The Baby Werewolf. In that case, why has this person formed a vendetta against my writing?

Without a doubt I need to take a bit of Stoic advice from Marcus Aurelius. I can’t let the downturns color my life in dark, ugly hues. I need to be more positive and think more uplifting thoughts. I should focus more on some of the things that are rising in my life. I published novel #21 this last week.

I really enjoyed the writing of the humorous fantasy adventure story about the little people who use magic to fool us into thinking better of our lives, our loves, and our laughter.

I have also gotten myself cleared of my debts and paid off my bankruptcy. It’s official. I even got back $380 that I overpaid. I am out of debt now and feeling good about that.

So, I fell down. I got slightly hurt. But the point is, got up, and I am still going.


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2 responses to “Falling Down

  1. I know that out-of-debt feeling. In fact, I’m already happy when my liquid assets are greater than my indebtedness.

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