One Key Idea

The World is a Factory for Making Misery…

…but you do not have to work there.

You have no power over anything the world at large can do to you….

…but you have control over how you respond to what it does.

It is basically what Jesus meant by turning the other cheek. If you live by a policy of an eye for an eye, you are participating in making the whole world blind. Seeking and exacting revenge doesn’t harm the one who wronged you as much as it harms you yourself. You will never find happiness and fulfillment by punishing anyone else, no matter what they have done.

Like the girl with the puppy and the giant gingerbread cookie-heart, you have nothing, you own and control nothing, and you are basically naked no matter how many clothes you wear.

You only get love by giving love. And you have to be aware that not every time you give love away do you get love back in return. The world is a factory for making misery… and the production line is filled with bitter goods. It is always better not to help them make those products. Try not to need or buy those products. Instead, invest your love and care in something hand-made, something given life from your own heart and your own imagination.

None of this wisdom is my own, and you may have heard all of it elsewhere…

…just as I did. But probably, just like me, you will have to relearn it all the hard way.

Life should make you cry a little…

…but make you smile and laugh a lot.

Every life ends in death…

…but that doesn’t mean life isn’t precious and entirely worth living.

So, don’t give in to despair and lose hope…

…because the world puts the negative things in the large type…

...but that doesn’t mean that’s what you most need to read and take to heart!

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