I am Sick of Being Angry

I am sick of a lot of things. Right now, Covid Omicron is probably one of those things. Oh, it doesn’t seem like it is going to kill triple-vaccinated me. But it is not making my life easy right now.

It bothers me that States with idiots in charge of the government are trying to legislate school curriculum in ways that eliminate books about black culture and black experience, life experiences of gay authors and trans people, and anything else historical or factual that makes white guys feel guilty or uncomfortable about not feeling guilty. (Notice I haven’t mentioned any particularly stupid red States like Texas or Iowa or the evil kingdom of Florida, nor have I specifically insulted moron governors like Greg Abbot or Ron DeSantis. I am behaving myself just as I learned to do from FOX News.)

It also bothers me that States with rabid monkeys in charge of the government are rewriting voting laws to seriously make things more difficult for certain people to vote, and rearranging vote certification so that the Republican party does not have to put up with people winning elections when they don’t like them. Voting is easy for me because I live in a mostly white-guy voting district and I look like somebody who might vote for Republicans. But even I could get into serious trouble if I tried to give a bottle of water of to an elderly black woman waiting in line to vote. And my side probably can’t win in the upcoming election because the majority of the voters who vote for my chosen side don’t look like me, or more obviously think like me.

And I am definitely disturbed by the fact that somebody who looks like a badly fermented mango and used to be the President of the United States, obviously, and in front of the world, incited a riot at the Capitol which resulted in violence and death for some rioters, but more Capitol Policemen. He literally tried to overthrow the US government. And a year later, he still has not been arrested and imprisoned, in spite of the fact that in many other countries he would’ve been executed for his traitorous, failed attempt at a coup.

But what good does it do to be angry about these things? Evil, greedy crooks have been running the ov er-all show since at least the 1980’s, and maybe longer, since before then I thought and spoke and acted like a child. I probably wasn’t mature enough to recognize how easily evil comes to mankind. Perhaps we were always doomed to eventual extinction by the excessive evilness rampant in the human species.

If mankind is going to be inventive enough and resourceful enough to survive nuclear proliferation, human-caused climate crisis, and de-evolution into fascistic. authoritarian, criminal empires, it will be the positive, creative, and good-natured among us that will find the solutions. Not the angry men that dominate politics and television.

I have done my part already. I taught kids to read, and a few of them to write. I hope I taught the right ones how to think. And I didn’t give them reason to become hateful. And I tried to teach them lessons on higher morality.

I finished a novel yesterday. That means Aeroquest 4, and The Necromancer’s Apprentice are both only a good proofreading away from being published.

Will I have time before the end to finish another? This I do not know. But there exists enough published stories by me to secure my right to call myself an author. Still, it is a task that makes me happy and leaves more positive than negative behind me when this life is over. It is a better, more-useful thing to do than being an angry man.

I hope you will help me, when the time comes, to vote the evil out of the government… if they let us do so. But I also hope you worry far more about being happy and fulfilled rather than angry.


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4 responses to “I am Sick of Being Angry

  1. Mickey, when so-called leaders tell schools they cannot teach certain history or read certain books, we have already lost. If we don’t understand history or read novels like “Huckleberry Finn” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” we are masking very important history lessons and will repeat them. Yet, this white washing of American history is being done with intent as white supremacy is on the rise and demographic projections are showing that whites will not be a majority. I wish the sentence I just typed was not true, but when things like the above are uttered by a former GOP strategist, it gives me concern.

    As an independent and former Republican, my former party is adrift untethered to the truth and lawfulness. Until the party stops listening to people like Trump, DeSantis, Abbott, Gohmert, Cruz, Gosar, Taylor Greene, Jordan, et al, they will continue to be adrift and people’s lives will be at risk. The GOP used to have more veritas, but that is no longer the case, in my view. The party cannot denigrate its truth tellers and aggrandized its liars and be well thought of.


    • Everything you have said here is true and I affirm it. I too arem feeling like the battle is lost. But I choose not to respond in anger. My anger only harms me. Those who disagree with me are actually amused by my anger. I’m tired of being angry only to be mocked and laughed at. So, I choose to only respond with calm reason, thoughtfully explained truth, and and whatever jokes I can get away with because I am smarter than most of them (and not as vile as Ted Cruz) and I can call them a whole lot of things that only smart people will understand. It is small consolation, but it doesn’t burn my innards.

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