Random Thoughts Typed on a New Computer

My old computer finally gets a rest in its old age. I went out and spent some of my farm income on a new computer. It is a Chromebook laptop. I can hear the groans from readers already. Yes, it has all the drawbacks of a Chromebook computer with the added negative that I have to learn a whole new operating system. I got spoiled by Windows 10 on the last two laptops. And I can’t store my usual plethora of images and documents directly on the Chromebook’s limited harddrive.

Oh, well! The Arizona Cardinals are winning again. They have the best record in the NFL right now at 10 wins, 2 losses. And star players Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are both returned from injuries. And Colt McCoy proved he was a superior back-up quarterback while Murray was out. Either some really good things or a huge disappointment lie directly ahead. You know me. I am preparing already for the playoff loss in the first round.

I am enjoying the new work-in-progress. The Necromancer’s Apprentice is really flowing and coming together in amazing ways. It is possible that the fairy pictured above is actually helping me write it. But as I reread each chapter, it definitely sounds like me. So, she must be doing a really good job of imitating my style while, at the same time, typing with her feet..

My sisters and I

My two sisters and I have got the farm paperwork pretty much under control. My sister Nancy is now retired and living on the farm place that my great grandfather established in the 1860’s. It is a joint ownership between me, Nancy, and Mary. The productive farmland is being farmed by a local farmer who needs to grow more crops to make ends meet than his own farmland provides. So, we get to collect rent, own the family farm, and help feed the world with corn and soybeans.

I continue to roll Moosewinkles at bowling pins and knock enough of them down to win at Moose Bowling… for now. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe Moosewinkles guilty of over-eating, or bowling pins made of concrete.

Moose Bowling

Life is like Moose Bowling. In order to knock down all the pins and win, you have to learn how to throw a moose. (Yes, that’s what it says in the cartoon above.)

So, it is good to have a new computer. I wrote this post with fewer glitches to repair and curse words to shout than I have with any other post in the last five years. Life is good again. At least, for now.

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