The Fire Grows Hotter

I was forced to admit he was President of the United States for four long, long, extra-long years. And I am no longer mentioning his actual name in the same paragraph with the actual title of President. He is that, officially, no more. And he never was that as far as I can see by the actual job requirements.

But he did not get shot or lynched during the failed coup. And they did not execute him as a traitor afterwards… or even remove him from office. It is possible that he could even be back as President in 2024. But the criminal overripe mango with the badly thatched straw roof is guilty as hell of ruining our country.

He broke everything. The vaccines appeared so fast for Covid 19 that it could have been as miraculous as Obama’s cutting off of the Ebola outbreak that we never lost control of. Remember that? Probably not. The Ebola outbreak was controlled by s system developed by both Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama. ;It was a seriously-tested and proven playbook that the Cheetoh-powdered clown threw in the trash.

He totally mishandled the pandemic, resulting in over 700,000 deaths in this country alone. Soon to be over 800,000. And his propaganda ministers on FOX News killed my cousin with Covid by convincing her she wasn’t properly loyal to Cinnamon Hitler if she got vaccinated.

My classmate Tim, a Navy veteran and retired firefighter died two days after Karen from the same thing. I couldn’t convince Tim that the Orange Menace was a bad guy. Pumpkinhead convinced him it was completely okay to hate Muslims, Africans, Middle-Easterners, and other people who are the wrong color or religion. He also convinced Tim that he should hate intellectual elites, liberals, and college-educated snowflakes… in other words, people like me.

Texas Governor Costello-Less Abbott

And now that the Big Stinky Cheese Man in Mar-a-Lago has made it publicly acceptable to be totally hate-filled and actively punish those you hate, there are others who have taken up the belching cannons of hatred and have begun to fire at will.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are the terrorist threat to be exterminated, and teens like Rittenhouse can now legally take up their beloved AR-15s and go hunt them. The KKK and the Proud Boys are made up of the “good people on both sides.” Let them have their way.

The problem is CRT being taught in schools. Critical Race Theory is a law-school study of structural racism that is NOT taught in any public schools. But it is the reason that Dr. James Whitfield, the first black principal in Texas Colleyville High School’s history was fired. He apparently was teaching CRT by saying in an email that George Floyd’s death was a bad thing.

Books like Nobel-Winner Toni Morrison’s Beloved have to be banned and removed from school library shelves because it makes white kids feel bad about slavery. Apparently everything will be better if white students aren’t made to think about race and slavery and human cruelty, and apparently we shouldn’t be teaching black kids about it either. No more Walter Dean Myers, no more poet Langston Hughes. No more Maya Angelou. All we can learn from them is shame in ourselves, not empathy for the tragic histories of others. (I must remind you that I am a white guy being sarcastic here. I love these authors and their works, and I would sooner die than see them burned.)

Florida Governor Ron DeSaniflush

Right now the Democrats control the government tentatively and are trying to fix all the things Republicans managed to break in just four long, long, super-long years. They will probably have some limited success and be voted out in the midterms for their trouble. Then the hatred will be ramped up even more. The flames will lick higher in the atmosphere. And snowflakes like me will reach the limit and be melted. You are free to laugh at me for being wrong again, Tim. Yeah, I know… from Heaven or wherever else firefighters and heroes go in the end.


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6 responses to “The Fire Grows Hotter

  1. I’m sorry. I got about halfway through before I wanted to smash my head through the wall. However, during that half, you came up with at least 6 different, clever, and unique ways to describe the buffoon, all of which made me very happy indeed. So thank you for the giggles.

  2. each day during those 4 years, I woke up terrified of what damage the orange clown had done overnight. I’m sorry for your losses

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