And God Said, “Let There Be Peaches!”

Peaches, it seems, mean something I don’t really need to be talking about here when used in their emoji form. Especially by teenage boys and girls texting each other and sending pictures to each other to learn the secrets of human anatomy in spite of parental prohibitions. Things that make the teacher in me squirm in my own skin.

But my wife and daughter love eating peaches. And peach cobbler can be a real sensual experience. We often call situations “peachy” when we mean it is all good. And a beautiful woman, a beautiful car, and a lovely sailboat can all be called a “real peach.”

So, while pretty girls are a good thing, and peaches are good food, It is especially a blessing if you have a life full of peaches. That is really “peachy keen.”

The Princess and the heroine of Snow Babies.

Fiona Long, dragon name, Firefang. was a hot peach in The Boy… Forever.

Definitely a peach… with blue eyes.

Miss Morgan was a peach of a teacher.

So, let’s reclaim the meaning of peaches from the emojis. For God looked upon them and dectared, “Peaches are good.”


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2 responses to “And God Said, “Let There Be Peaches!”

  1. Peachy keen indeed. Peach cobbler, of course, needs to be served warm with the obligatory scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. Here in the Carolinas, we will eat leftover cobbler for breakfast. Keith

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