Bringing Roses to the Gunfight

Painting by Dave Gafford

I am unhappy about an election for Governor of Virginia held last night. Why does an election so far away from Texas matter to me? I couldn’t vote in it. I couldn’t benefit from it in any way, no matter how Snidely-Whiplash evil the winner may be or how right his Dudley-Do-Right opponent is in his arguments about Virginia education. It only matters symbolically, as it shows who continues to win the gunfight over survival of the human species and life on planet Earth.

You see, the Skywalker Jedi Alliance just threw the evil Emperor down the power shaft of the doomed Second Death Star. We did so in an election that involved more votes cast than in any American election in history. But the evil Emperor didn’t die down that shaft. He claimed the election was fraudulent and tried to take the victory away by committing election fraud.

In times of swords and kings the would-be usurper, having failed, would’ve been beheaded so that he would bother the kingdom no more. But not in our time. The deposed Emperor can continue his rule in Mar-a-lago over all his crazed subjects who will give their allegiance only to him.

It’s funny how that works. They are excessively hostile. They insist their constitutional right to own guns trumps our right to expect our children to come home from school alive. They insist every fetus, once conceived, has a right to be born, but once they are born, they have no inherent rights to have parents, or medical care, or a full and equal education, or love, or food to eat, or a home to live in, or a right to stay out of prison… unless, of course, they are lucky enough to have white-skinned parents with enough money to afford those things. No money. No more rights. Only money makes you worthy.

Flower Power by Bernie Boston

There are two sides politically in today’s struggle. The Republicans are transparently the party of rich white guys. They favor authoritarian rule, possibly fascism. They favor minority rule in which they only authorize the spending of tax dollars on making rich men and corporations richer. Never on the public good that might benefit… ugh, poor people and minorities. They will use violence to maintain power. They will steal Supreme Court appointments. They will filibuster anything they don’t like and the things they like can be counted on one finger… the finger that points at themselves.

The other party, the Democrats, are the party of everybody else. Particularly the everybody else who have little or no individual power. 0h, there are a few conservative white guys mixed in. Those are mostly there to vote against the interests of the rest of the Democrats. Thank you, Joe Manchin. We are the party that meets the gun-toting opposition with roses to place in the barrels of guns. And we try to win the battle simply by being on the sensible, more generous side.

The new governor of Virginia won his seat of power by making an issue of whether or not parents can go into school libraries and school curriculums to ban books and ideas. He took the side of those who want to ban a terrible book. The book is Beloved, by Nobel Laureate Author Toni Morrison. What makes this book bannable when a book like Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is not?

It appears to be the fact that the best-selling author is a black woman.

I fear we are ultimately going to lose the battle. I am on the side of those who bring roses to the gunfight. But if we don’t win the fight, because people are deep-down good at heart, then no one wins. The side with the guns won’t believe that people can go extinct like the Dodo bird./ But the Dodo birds are all dead. Are the Dodo men any smarter?


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4 responses to “Bringing Roses to the Gunfight

  1. scary times we live in

  2. Virginia is a fairly Republican state. Disgust with Biden threw it into the Democrat column for an election but I am not surprised to see it swing back to the Red Team. He probably made some promises to the Trumpista voters to get them to come out to vote for him. Let’s see if he actually follows through.

    • Virginia has term limits that don’t allow the governor to have more than one four -year term at a time. The last governor was a Democrat, so they picked a Republican this time. That’s the pattern they almost always follow. This one appealed to Trumpkins with racist dog-whistles over the book banning issue.

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