What God Wants from This Crazy World

Tobias and the Angel : Francisco De Goya

So, by what right do I make any assumptions about what God actually wants? I am, after all, arguably an atheist, definitely agnostic, and probably just as stupid as anyone else you could possibly name about the subject of God and His plan… except for Kenneth Copeland and Pat Robertson and every other religious-con-man-snake-oil merchant. Oh, and Tucker Carlson who knows pretty well what Satan wants, but not God… if there is one.

But I can see the hand of God in world events of late as clearly as anyone you can name. No exceptions there.

With the recent quadruple-spiked pandemic, the resulting recession, the insurrection by the criminal former president, and our headlong rush into climate-change apocalypse, any idiot can tell that God is itching to do some serious smiting. Yes, smiting, that unhappy word for getting smashed to death by Thor’s Hammer.

Tucker Carlson has been revealing what somebody with pretty big wings wants to happen nightly on his Fox News Spews broadcasts. He wants almost all of the money in the world to go to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and all those closest billionaires who want to overtake Bezos or Musk. The God Tucker serves wants the rich to get richer, and everyone else to die or become totally subserviant to the rich.

And the government Tucker’s God has put in place are actively carrying out that God’s commands as Stephen Fry explains.

The zealots who swarm from Trump rally to Trump rally continue to insist that Trump is God’s choice to be their leader, and they must take election results, success, and even life away from Democrats, liberals, socialists, and anybody else who thinks Biden is actually president.-And if their agenda makes climate change accelerate, or causes nuclear war with China, then it will turn out the way they want. They will be in paradise with their God while the rest of us communist-heathens and liberals will burn in Hell for trying to help poor people and wanting to take tax cuts and guns away from the chosen people.

So, I don’t actually know what God wants in these crazy times. But there are people who insist that they do. And it is messy and painful. And I sincerely hope they are wrong.


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4 responses to “What God Wants from This Crazy World

  1. Mickey, first off, it is rather arrogant to be out there saying what God wants. As for saying God wants Trump to lead anything, they must be reading from a different bible than I do. For some reason, the ego-maniacal human believes the Golden Rule is “he who has the Gold, rules.” Keith

    • I wonder how they can use the Bible to justify their hatred for certain groups, starting with Jews and gays. And then claim they have no responsibility for helping the poor or those on our borders seeking asylum after reading Jesus’s words on the matter. Apparently I just don’t know how to read the same way they do.

      • Mickey, fortunately, there are a number of church leaders who do not think they way these church leaders do. In my volunteer and professional work, I have come across some wonderful ministers focused on outreach, but I have also come across some where greed and bigotry are descriptors. Keith

      • There are good people in all religions, ironically even amongst Satanists… though I haven’t actually seen any proof. And thank God for those men who have read the Bible for what it is and know what it actually says. Jesus of the Bible and Republican Jesus are not the same guy. I say that having read the entire Bible three and a half times.

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