Puzzle Pieces in a Blender

Sometimes you just have to write everything down that you’ve been juggling in your head. The pieces of the puzzle won’t fall together in order until long after you place them in front of you. I’m not suggesting that my mind is a literal blender, but, especially when I’m writing in a stream-of-consciousness style, I am really good at making idea milkshakes. There are several large pieces to the puzzle of life that are now on the table in front of me.

One jagged-edged puzzle piece that is going to be hard to solve into the larger picture is climate change. The latest IPCC Report states without a doubt that it is no longer within our power to keep the world temperature from rising beyond the critical 1.5 degrees threshold. The Arctic ice covering will soon be permanently gone, the Gulf Stream is breaking up and diffusing, the oceans are rising and turning to acid… dang!

But it doesn’t do any good to become a Doomer and Gloomer. If we give up we will be much deader than we need to be. There are things that can still be done to mitigate the worst of it. And Elon Musk is not going to save us by taking us all to Mars. And the politicians funded by massive fossil-fuel corporations aren’t going to solve the problems either. We as the majority of human life on Earth need to come together and insist on our right to live. We need to convert our energy use to non-fossil-fuel production schemes. We need to do for ourselves what the rich mother bookers won’t do for us to help us survive.

The recently deposed orange-faced King of America now needs to be held accountable for the things he did illegally while in office. In other countries, a corrupt leader guilty of what he is guilty of would’ve been stood up against a brick wall and shot by now. We certainly can’t let him run for Prexydint in 2024. We won’t survive another four years of the evil-clown kingdom. It will be the death of all of us. Literally.

And my son is ill again. The one who already had Covid once. And may now have the Delta variant in spite of being vaccinated. He is definitely ill with something.

All these things worry me. I have been mentally juggling these things in my head for too long. And now, screws are loose inside there. I need to puzzle it back together, not put the blender on puree.


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5 responses to “Puzzle Pieces in a Blender

  1. Mickey, what is amazing to me is how few people in Texas (and elsewhere) know that the state is the fifth largest producer of wind energy in the world and that the industry employs over 25,000 people in the state. This year renewables will surpass coal as the second largest producer of electricity in Texas. Two key reasons are the wind blows madly across the state and the state legislature actually passed funding to build power lines to the wind turbines. Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens said about eight years ago, natural gas is buying us time, but the future of energy in the US is wind energy. And, yet this is all a secret. We need to shout this from the rooftops and do more of it to drown out the naysayers and make a difference. Keith


    • PS – Sorry about your son. Best wishes to a speedy recovery. Keith

      • The irony now is that I have it now too. It is not Covid in any form. But this is Texas, red on the Covid map, so I don’t dare let it turn into pneumonia, Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully we will be fine.

    • I grew up in Iowa. The land where the tall corn grows has wind turbines in all the cornfields now too. Beautiful at both sunrise and sunset. We definitely need to promote more of that. Especially in places where the people believe they cause cancer because the talking cheese puff said so in a hate-fest rally.

      • Mickey, Iowa is ahead in the game on wind energy. I did see where Texas wind mill companies lease the land for $5,000 per windmill per year, so ten wind mills is a nice annuity of $50,000 per annum. Ever since the former president lost a lawsuit in Scotland when he tried to stop offshore windmills that could be seen from his golf course, he has touted inane stories about wind energy. As with most things, his opinion is not steeped in facts. Best wishes on your health. Keith

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