Acutely Aware of Despair

Sir Isaac Newton is here realizing that in order to measure the rate at which the Moon falls to Earth, he has to invent calculus and thus discover gravity.

I am having a bad health day.

I feel terrible. I have the spiking and crashing of the blood-sugar roller-coaster going on, but causing diabetic depression rather than vomiting or coma.

I don’t believe in astrology. But I can predict things with the same accuracy rate as most astrologers.
Hillary and Norgay were on top of the world in 1953, but they had a long drop to come down from there.

No one needs to worry about me. I will not hurt myself. I will seek help if it gets any worse. But when you reach the top of the mountain, there is nowhere to go but down.

On WordPress I was recently at the top of the mountain (in terms of my audience numbers.) I was averaging 200+ views per day. There were more than 300 views twice last week.

But now it is dropping drastically. Although, I believe I will make more than 50 today.

Nudist Notions was the name of the post with the biggest post-viewing numbers. I suspect that Google’s algorithm had it high on the list when people were searching “nudists” and/or “nudism.” because it is a positive post about nudism.

But there was not an increase in likes. It was probably not actual nudists doing the viewing.

There were a lot of viewers from Russia and Brazil, according to my site’s metrics.


Halley needed help from Sir Isaac Newton to calculate the orbit of his comet, because Newton invented calculus, but Newton’s Principia would never have been published without the backing of Halley’s wealth and influence.

Sometimes it is suffering that prompts genius to achieve greatness.

I, of course, have not invented calculus today. Or even understood how to do calculus… I am pretty sure I was not Isaac Newton in any previous life.

I am probably not a genius,

Genius or not, I am definitely on the decline today.

I can’t think worth spit.

And it’s probably good that I misspelled the last word in the previous sentence.

But I do believe I have the ability to recover myself from depression. My mother is doing better than yesterday, though still in hospice care. And I can still get some writing done today in spite of the difficulties.

Onward and upward!

I will be looking for my next Everest… maybe tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Acutely Aware of Despair

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through all of that

  2. Generally, if you want to get a quick boost in views, stick the term “nude” or any of its related terms in the title of your post and you’ll get a zillion hits. This is particularly if it gets shared to Reddit or some other mass-market social platform. You do not get likes from these because IIRC you have to have a Gravitar or a WP blog in order to do more than read.

    I linked one of my freehiking posts to a couple of nude-related subreddits and the next thing I knew I had 400 views in one day and no likes from them. That is more views than I have followers.

    Also, when Google catalogs your post for nudist stuff, it also connects synonyms and related words. Nude, nudist, nudity, naturist, naturism, naked, nakedness, and even unrelated phrases containing those words could pull up your website.

    I used to get about a hundred views a day until I pulled down my main website (by making it private) for a weekend. Eventually, I reactivated about 80 posts. Doing that cut my views in half, even though none of the posts I kept down were at all popular.

  3. That explains a lot. You have more experience at this than I do. Thank you for sharing the insight.

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