My Heart Diminished

I got word yesterday from my sister that Mom is in the hospital again. She went to the hospital emergency room in the middle of the night Friday night. There they found concerning enzymes in her bloodwork.

Today I got another call. She was transferred to the cardiology unit in Mason City in the middle of the night last night.

They are going to go in with a camera and look around her heart for whatever blockages are causing the troubles and putting in stints wherever they are needed.

A year ago my father fell ill. He had a stroke caused by Parkinson’s Disease last July. He died in November on my birthday.

I know what to expect. She will not pass away at this time. But she is 86. She lost the man she was married to for over 60 years. I have other relatives who died shortly after losing their spouse, their one true love. I have to be prepared.

And, of course, a little bit of me will die too. We are not immortal. But our lives were good lives, full of love, and we will have lost nothing by reaching the end. It is not the destination. It is the journey that is all-important.


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2 responses to “My Heart Diminished

  1. I am the oldest surviving member of my biological family, the oldest surviving male in my wife’s family, and the sole surviving member of my adoptive family. I’ve seen a lot of dying too.

    • Well, I’m catching up to you. My wife’s mother and my mother are the only two left older than me. I am the oldest of all my cousins on both sides of the family.

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