A Sunshiny New Day

The crucial Iowa trip began with a rocky start, so rocky in fact, it almost seemed like an avalanche was rumbling down the mountainside of the future to crush us body and soul. I say it was a crucial trip because of the pandemic that kept me caged in Texas for the past two entire years. My father died in the meantime, And my mother, at 86, is gradually fading with poor heart health as well.

We had vehicle issues. The RV needed an oil change, and so, it was in the shop for an entire day longer than the mechanic had quoted to us when we took it in. True to form power outages and internet outages prevented us from getting the crucial maintenance in a more timely fashion.

And as we were nearing our destination, we learned that my mother was in the emergency room with raging high blood pressure. Another unexpectedly gloomy delay. I cried when she finally got released from the hospital and I was able to hug her once more.

And of course, the very next morning, Mom’s blood pressure was way too high once again. We called the ambulance and spent a tough morning with her looking gray in the face, and the rest of us were a little green with worry.

But Mom’s meds were re-adjusted and began doing what they were supposed to do. She was released rather than admitted to the hospital again. And this morning the sun came out. She’s a hundred percent better and the world is right again.

So, I took some pictures of the sunshine on the farm place, and I feel better about the world now too.

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