Mileposts on the Publishing Road

This is published book #20.

It is enjoying its moment as a free book on Amazon for a five-day promotional period that ends tomorrow , 6-22-21 at midnight. You can still get a copy. It is a novella, so it is a very quick read. It is a novella of only 15,ooo words, so it is a quick read. It is a YA novel with a 12-year-old female protagonist. There are no living human adults in this story (except for artificial ones via hologram.)

The promotion has given away seven copies of Cissy Moonskipper’s Travels at this writing. It is one of 19 self-published books. I still have one book with I-Universe, that being Catch a Falling Star.

My contracts with Publish America and Page Publishing are both ended. I couldn’t recommend either publish house. Self publishing is better.

My blog, the one you are looking at at this moment, has 2013 followers.

I also have 3,033 followers on Twitter. @mbeyer51

My Facebook page, @telleronsinvadeiowa  · Book, has 1,045 followers.

I have been writing my whole life long, but only publishing that writing since 2007. I have been actively marketing my books since 2013.

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