The Dark Blues

There is a point at which every man, woman, or child really should be happy. But for some of us… especially those of us who think too much, depression is always lurking and happiness is only ever suspect as evidence of a possible manic-depressive episode.

There are reasons I should be happier than I am. My family is now vaccinated. But both of my kids still living at home, Henry and the Princess, had reactions to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Henry, probably because he had the virus once already got so sick that he missed a day of work and suffered uncontrolled shaking while he had a high fever. Still, worrisome as that was, they were both better the third day after their shots.

My books are being read and hopefully enjoyed according to the records of sales and readership on Amazon. Yet, for reasons of unexplained glitchiness, three of my books disappeared from my Author’s page on Amazon. A careful check proved they were all still for sale, and other authors are complaining of the same problem. But I am doing a promotion this weekend on one of the three books. So, where I was hoping to place at least twenty copies of the book, I have only managed one. Here’s a link to the book in case you are interested in a free copy. It is available for free until Tuesday midnight.

On Friday I did the coming-out-of-the-closet party for being a nudist because sunshine and nakedness equals happiness for me. But today Texas is raining again.

My world today through the bedroom window screen.

My favorite hockey team, the St. Louis Blues, have made the Stanley Cup Playoffs again, though they are the last in their division to qualify, and must face the best team in hockey statistically all year in the first round.

So, I must now do what I can to overcome the Dark Blues. Not the hockey team. The depression of heart, mind, and soul. I will get out and exercise when it stops raining. I will eat some ice cream. Life should be good right now. It isn’t. But I intend to work at it.


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2 responses to “The Dark Blues

  1. Naked in the rain is good stuff. And then you get chilly and go back inside.

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