Pretty Lies That Will Probably Kill Us All

Ludwig Von Drake, the narrator filled with what are probably facts.

Here are some things that are probably true. Although, I know, most of you don’t want to hear them and probably don’t want to believe them if you are forced to read further by what is probably a foolish compelling curiosity.

The word PROBABLY probably means;


  • 1. almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell: “she would probably never see him again”
  • 2, The narrator probably wishes to leave you with the impression that there are probably doubts and scientifical uncertainties that any dire things predicted here have a chance to not come true… probably.

Here’s lie number one;

Human beings are in control of what happens on this planet and can prevent unforeseen factors from killing us all.

Here’s the reason that lie will probably kill us all;

Yes, our beloved Standard Oil of Ohio have committed to telling the lies, the whole lies, and nothing but the lies since 1977 when their senior scientist, James Black, told them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… about how burning fossil fuels would lead to too much carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere. He warned that mankind had about a ten year window to get control of their carbon dioxide out-put to keep climate change from happening. That, of course, was 44 years ago. Exxon (formerly Standard Oil) has been lying to us ever since to keep us buying their product and keeping the stock price of their corporation high. My primary (but not only) source follows;

We are already seeing lethal effects from climate change, everything from devastating wild fires in California to the unprepared-for freezing of the Texas power grid in February 2021. Really, Governor Abbott, if the Texas wind-power and the Green New Deal (Which hasn’t yet been implemented anywhere, especially not in Texas) is totally to blame, why didn’t you weather-proof it after the freeze of 2011? Iowa’s windmills didn’t let them down even though they endured colder temperatures than Texas during that same week.

The biosphere of the planet is in grave danger because of the lies we have been believing in. Here again is a primary source;

So, what possible reason could our wonderful corporate-capitalistic system have for lying to us? Gee, that’s hard to answer. PROFITS!!!

Here, then, is lie number two;

If we just let the wealthy capitalist job-creators and business-creators do whatever they want to make themselves richer, they will boost the economy higher and make life better for everybody.

Here’s a breakdown of that lie quoted from Odyssey;

“Here are the most significant reasons why Reaganomics, a.k.a. “Trickle-down” economics and Trump’s go-to financial plan, is the worst possible solution:

1. It drives up national debt

During the years of Reagan’s presidency, the national deficit almost tripled due to the lack of incoming tax revenue and only partially-decreased spending. When he first entered into office, the debt was around 900 billion dollars. At the end of his terms, it was close to exceeding three trillion.

2. It cuts into funding for government programs

Social programs lose funding when defense programs take precedence and drain limited funds.

3. Most importantly: It DOESN’T trickle down

The wealth that began at the top never made it all the way down. Most of the wealth stayed with the top few percent; the income gap was the highest it had ever been since 1947. Over the ten years it was implemented, the top one percent of the population’s salaries/wages increased over eighty percent while the bottom ninety percent’s only increased three percent and the poorest twenty percent of the population’s family income actually decreased four percent over those ten years.

Ultimately, Reaganomics is NOT the policy to support if you want any benefit from the economic policies of your government. (Unless you are among the richest one percent of Americans… which ninety nine percent of Americans aren’t)”

Here’s an additional resource;

Of course I will be told that I am a loony liberal and I am obviously wrong because my facts are not believed in by anybody who counts, mainly conservative politicians and their corporate donors, and besides, why do I want to hurt the feelings of conservatives who believe in their version of the truth so hard that it has to be correct?

Okay, I did say these things will probably kill us. That leaves some wiggle-room, right? But I can also say that if you heat the bottom of a propane tank with a blowtorch, it will probably blow up and kill you. It is about the same degree of probably.



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2 responses to “Pretty Lies That Will Probably Kill Us All

  1. Mickey, what is interesting is Exxon scientists used to travel to conferences and talk about their concerns over climate change, until they were silenced when the industry hired the same PR firm used to lie for the tobacco industry. Shell even did an education video in 1991 on their concerns over climate change. Here is a link:

    As for trickle down economics, four studies have said it does not work and the state of Kansas about went bankrupt last decade because of it, until smarter heads prevailed. By the way, trickle down economics used to be called the horse and sparrow theory – what the horses (the rich) eat, they provide excrement for the birds (the rest of us) to eat The name does not conjure up an economical beneficial approach for the masses.


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