Tap Dancing on Sore Feet

I am still writing, still trying to get ideas and stories down in sentences, paragraphs, essays, and tales.

But the work is getting harder.

My computer is wearing out. The glitching has gotten steadily worse. And the way the stimulus/tax/price-pf-gas computation works out will determine if I can squeeze out enough money from my budget to replace it.

I have untreated glaucoma in diabetic eyes. So, being able to see is getting harder.

Of course, diabetes is also threatening me with heart attack or stroke.

But all of these are just excuses. I am hoping to write and publish more. I have some great ideas. And I will make more writing happen. The last few weeks have been mostly watching TV while in pain. I’ve seen some excellent shows. Especially WandaVision on Disney Plus. But, if today is not the end, then more will be written. Just as I have done in this posting, I will overcome the difficulties.


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2 responses to “Tap Dancing on Sore Feet

  1. Best wishes Mickey. Find a way to keep writing, if you can. It is a needed tonic. Keith

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