Diminishing Garden Blossoms

The last two months have really been tough on me health-wise. And I am afraid it cuts deeply into my writing output. Today, as an example, I had planned to have a lot more done on the preparations for this essay. It will be short because I am not feeling well once again. I have already fainted once while writing before I got to this sentence.

This was supposed to be a post about the alien beings living on a newly discovered planet in the book I am currently writing These are the vegatoid plant people of the planet Cornucopea. Luigi the Onion-Guy is here being threatened by thorns from the evil Throckpod storm trooper. Luigi’s co-pilot, Carrot Mabutu, is standing behind the human-eyed villain.

But because of diabetes I am feeling too low to share everything I wanted to share. So, I guess it ends here for today.


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2 responses to “Diminishing Garden Blossoms

  1. Mickey, different subject, but I read today that one of the Texas’ utilities overcharged customers by $16 billion during the crisis, but the legislature said they do not have to pay it back. This is beyond poor form. My guess is the political funding is paying dividends. I hope there is a class action lawsuit. Keith

    • I won’t get my bill for the crisis until the 8th. I am on pins and needles about it. I know people who were charged $16,000 for the electricity in one month in one household. We had 5 space heaters and a water heater sucking up power the whole five days. I am on a fixed-rate contract, but even $500 is going to hurt financially while I’m still paying off my 2017 bankruptcy for healthcare expenses. I might be doomed this March (so, the same condition I am in financially every month.)

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