AeroQuest 4… Canto 130

Canto 130 – Phoenix’s Final Faceoff

Phoenix knew they were doomed if he could not handle Bone Daddy by himself.  He knew Rocket and Freddy had already fallen.  He wasn’t sure if Jackie and Alec had made it away, but if Bone Daddy escaped him, then he was sure all the White Spiders would eventually fall to him.

Then, phasing through the wall behind him, Bone Daddy was suddenly there.

“So, Phoeni!  You and Alec have both come back to us.”

The fireball in Phoenix’s hand grew hotter.  He knew that the wraith’s phasing ability would allow almost any weapon to pass clean through his suddenly massless body.  The trick would have to be unpredictable, and capable of rendering the wraith instantly dead or defenseless.

“I’ve come to destroy you, Bone Daddy.  And if Alec has returned, or hurt Jackie, I’ll destroy him too.”

“Child, more than any other teacher you ever had, you were mine to teach.  Your skill and your cunning, that came from me!”

“But your treachery and evil, I never took from you.  I didn’t want those things.  And you never saw that in me.”

He stared at Phoenix with those mostly empty eye sockets.  There was orange fire blazing in those mostly invisible eyes.  It was hard to read any expression on the face of a wraith.  It was like looking into a milky-white skull imbedded in a head made of clear glass.

“You were my favorite, Phoenix.  The best I ever taught.  And I am glad at the last you came back to me.  Because I alone have the right to kill you for betraying the Black Spider. ”

Phoenix chose that moment to strike.  Bone Daddy had never seen him use the flame-sword psionic move with sun-plasma intensity.  He and Rocket had developed it in secret.

“And I alone have the right to slay you, my favorite teacher.”

The white-hot blade that burst forth from the fireball in Phoenix’s hand arced around three-quarters of a circle, slicing three quarters of Bone Daddy’s fireproof blade, forcing both his own blade and Phoenix’s into a deep cut on his left shoulder.

Had he wraithed into phase-ghost form, the strike would have gone clean through him and probably vaporized his heart even in phase form, killing him instantly.  He had saved his own life by anticipating the trick.  But had sustained a possibly fatal wound anyway.

“You honor me, boy.  That was the best attack you have ever done.”

The wraith-ninja in purple armor dropped to his knees.  His truncated sword fell from his hand.

“Surrender.  You don’t have to die,” Phoenix said with tears in his eyes.  He hated this alien being.  But not as much as he loved him.

“What would you do with me as your prisoner?”

“Convert you to the White Spider side.  You have skills you can still teach to us.”

“Ah, but this wound is probably my doom in any case.  Just because you can’t see my blood, it does not mean I am not bleeding.  Cut off my head and end it quickly.”

Phoenix raised the fire-sword to do just that when he was interrupted.

“Not so fast, young pyro.  Your friends have all fallen.  You are surrounded and alone,” said Fangwoman wearing the Avenger helmet.

“Yes, we have our fire crew here to put out your pesky flames.  We were prepared for your return,” gloated the Green Phantom. Phoenix dissipated his fire-sword and turned towards the Black Spider leaders and their fire-fighting crew.  There was an ironic smile on his face.

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