I Hope This Finds You Well

Dear Readers,

I hope you are keeping warm.

This has not been a warm and happy week for most of us.

Texas has experienced electrical outages that have killed some folks and sent others to the emergency room with hypothermia.

Water pipes have frozen and burst around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, causing damage to homes and water shortages, especially around the Lewisville area (a Northern suburb of Dallas.)

Governor Greg “Evil Overlord” Abbott says it is all the fault of us liberals. He thinks the Green New Deal, wind farms, and solar energy are the root cause of the problem. It can’t be the corrupt practices of energy companies (heavily into fracking for more oil and promoting profits to investors over updating the hardware of the energy grid) that are to blame in any way.

We, at our house, are doing okay, though. A little frostbitten, but fortified with hot chocolate, coffee, and plenty of thick, warm jackets and blankets and things caused by an Iowegian upbringing. We have an advantage of more experience of the cold than shorts-in-winter-wearing average Texans.

We kept the water trickling day and night for two days to keep unprotected pipes from bursting. We placed glue-traps in places we knew rats were using to sneak into the kitchen at night, and we caught two so far that the dog has been unable to get while they are trying to live entirely indoors due to weather. And we were wise enough to wait for the internet outages to be over to create our WordPress posts.

So, we are doing fine in Texas, despite all the challenges.

I hope you are well. I hope you stay well.

Sincerely from the part of North Texas turning itself into Minnesota,

That Rabbit-Man, Mickey


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3 responses to “I Hope This Finds You Well

  1. Mickey, Texas is getting about 20% of its electricity from wind energy. Apparently, it is not been a problem before. One of the reasons Texas leads the country in wind energy is the General Assembly actually did the right thing and invested in tapping the electricity with new infrastructure. To be frank, when Abbott says things, Texans would be well served to confirm the facts with another source, not unlike so doing with Senator Ted Cruz or the seditious former president. Keith

    • T Boone Pickens built major wind farms in West Texas because he foresaw the profitability of them. I was tickled pink to see he sold all his interests in them a couple of months before the profitability went through the ceiling. But this State is also big into deregulating all energy industries so they can reap higher profits while not weatherizing any of their power-grid infrastructures. We are reaping the whirlwind because Evil Abbot and his Maddening Minions bet wrong on how climate change would effect their cash cows.

      • Mickey, I remember T Boone Pickens on “60 Minutes” around 2011 saying the future is wind energy and natural gas is just buying us time. Keith

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