Despicable People

Jamie Raskin’s opening argument made me cry. He told about losing his son to suicidal depression. And then it went from the day after the burial being confronted with the insurrection, which his daughter experienced with him, to her becoming so traumatized she vowed never to come back to the capitol, the site of his life’s work.

And the worst thing about it is… Tresident Prump will probably be acquitted by the spineless and corrupt Senate Republicans.

Of course, Prump is only one member of the Infamous League of Despicable Gentlemen. He didn’t form it. He can’t technically be called their leader. He’s more of a Mr. Hyde-type, the rogue raging monster who destroys even his own side of the battle.

The spiders who wove the web the Despicables live in are the evil arachnids David and Charles Koch. These two Blofeld-like Bond Villains have their roots in the Anti-communist John Birch Society where fear-mongering and racism take a back seat to greed in the car-ride to world domination.

The evil Kochs, one of whom is still alive, are billionaires worth more than $35 billion apiece. They fund the Tea Party with dark money and control parts of both political parties.

The Tea-Party werewolf depicted above is known to us Texans as @&##%!!! Ted Cruz, the secret identity (or possibly newly-possessed body) of the Zodiac Killer.

Mr. Goddawful Ted Cruz is one of those politicians you can’t get rid of even by driving a silver stake through his heart (mostly because the hero with the stake can’t find what Cruz does not have.) He looked the other way when Prump separated refugees from their children, throwing kids in cages and letting some of them die. Of course, he did assign blame for the policy, pointing a crooked claw at Barak Obama, emphasizing the former President’s middle name as he screeched accusations. Lately he has joined in the effort to hand the presidency back to Prump by overturning the election, objecting to the already certified electors in battleground states where Biden has already won. And with help from a Nazi-saluting friend, helped inspire the insurrection.

And this is Josh “Ted’s friend and Hitler admirer” Hawley, Senator from Missouri. He was the first to sign up for insurrection by announcing he would object to the Electoral College voting results, beating even the werewolf to the idea.

There you have it. My idea of what Despicable People truly means. Ordinarily I do not like insult humor. But when you are secretly ruled by a SPECTRE-like organization called The League of Despicable Gentlemen, you have to find happiness somehow. And Prump won’t know what “Despicable” means anyway.


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6 responses to “Despicable People

  1. Mickey, I posted this on another blog, so let me repeat it here. I was watching conservative pundit David Brooks on PBS last night. He correctly noted that the defense never addressed the incitement leading up to January 6. These folks were there because Donald J. Trump lied to them and told them the election was stolen. He did exactly what many thought he would do after the election. Yet, the greatest disappointment is more Republicans did not tell this untruthful and corrupt former president that his claims were BS, as the attorney general did. We also should not forget Chris Krebs, the head of election security said this was the safest election in US history, and he also was forced out. Mitch McConnell thought it would all blow over, but he also is culpable for not saying what Rep. Liz Cheney said on Fox this past Sunday – Donald Trump lied to Republicans. Full stop. Keith

    PS – the bearded senator from Texas is far worse because he aided and abetted the crime.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Keith. David Brooks is definitely the kind of conservative I wish they all were. Somebody needs to run him through a clone-capable copy machine.
      As for the werewolf from Texas, I wish they could impeach him too. Unfortunately there is no silver bullet in the law for making a despicable objection to the Electoral College count.

      • Mickey, before the twice impeached former president arrived, Senator Cruz had the reputation as the most hated person in Washington due to his grandstanding and ego. When I think of Cruz, I think of him almost causing the US to default on its debt until ten female Senators told him to get out of the pool and solve the problem. Keith

      • Yep, that’s our @#&%$!!! Ted Cruz.

  2. I have been calling Trump a despicable human being long before he was elected. Good riddance. Regarding the Koch brothers, I can recommend this biography: Sons of Wichita – here is my review:

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Charles Koch, if he were purple, would make a good Thanos. Unfortunately he’s about as interesting as boiled water. It’s the things he’s good at that create all the evil, like deregulating industry and violating environmental-protection laws.

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