Losing the Words

This is a picture of me holding the last novel I have written and published. Ironically, it may turn out to be the last novel I will be able to write.

I spent all of this morning and most of the afternoon suffering from high blood sugar and high blood pressure. I am unable to get myself to the doctor and unable to afford a ride in an ambulance. (They cost $1,000+ even if we are only ten blocks from the hospital if you haven’t priced them recently, even with good health insurance.) I am not going to die. But the few words I put here will be the only words I achieve today. These health problems I am suffering from are far too expensive in this country. I still have over a year to go paying off the bankruptcy I incurred for the last pair of health troubles and hospitalizations. And these conditions are, of course, incurable.

I have more things to write about. I just don’t have the time available to call up the words.

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