Breaking for Christmas

I continue to get fallout from that one blistering review. Amazon reduced that particular review from two stars to one. They also reduced the stars on a review for Magical Miss Morgan because the reader, although she says she really likes the book , found some things questionable. It went from four stars to three because of that one word, which, from reading the whole review, was more about Miss Morgan’s teaching practices which included having students go barefoot in class while reading The Hobbit. So, I’m feeling persecuted.

I will survive. But in a pandemic Christmas where I am confined to my house, unable to visit family in Iowa, and still trying to recover from my father’s death a thousand miles away from here, I am a bit depressed and in need of something happening that is good for a change. I know this current problem is the fault of a bad editing decision, which made me contemplate changing the critical detail before publishing, but then deciding the tale was more intimate and subtly beautiful if it was not changed. I forget that one man’s beauty is often another man’s thought crimes.

No more dwelling on this. I have fixed the novel already. My next novel probably needs to be the one about overcoming chronic depression. The title has changed from Valerie in Darkness to The Boy Who Rose on a Golden Wing. Somebody will probably evaluate it as totally inappropriate too.

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