Involuntarily Disconnected

I have not and will not stop writing, but…

Finishing the second book of essays at the same time my father finally passed away from his long battle with Parkinson’s Disease has felt like crossing a finish line. Not winning anything, mind you, but definitely the end of something that was a big part of my life. I am exhausted. I feel a bit ill. I have several Parkinson’s symptoms myself. I definitely need to slow down a little.

Of everything I have written up until now…

…these two books are the most important part of the puzzle that is me.

These two books of essays represent everything in the clearest, most truthful way what my writing, and my life is really all about. The themes, the personal truths and tragedies, and the created reality I have generated in my fiction books is deeply rooted and mostly explained in these essays.

That is difficult work that basically saps the marrow from my bones. It is no wonder I need a bit of a breather.

But a big part of the break I have been on was not voluntary. I went for a week and a half with no cell phone.

The charging port on my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy, broke. And that is easily fixed… when not in a pandemic. And my phone is an old, beat-up S-5. In a world of S-10s and maybe S-11s, those are not easy to find a working repairman for. The last repairman I had repair it moved all the way to Mesquite, Texas. But he was kind enough to put me in touch with a new guy from India in our area. I can at least call people again. But, of course, the internet still can’t be connected to.

So, now that I have struggled to write this essay, explaining how writing has made me naked and poor with no creative energy left, I should stop writing for today. Except that I can’t. More AeroQuest 4 to finish.

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