Election Eve Hangovers

I do not drink alcoholic beverages at all, not even wine or beer. There are doctors’ orders that explain that bit of my life I have six incurable diseases after all. But I have a hangover after last night.

Needless to say, the election did not go entirely my way. We may not be able to get rid of the Killer Klown from Manhatten at all. And we definitely haven’t gotten out from under the Republican Death Cult that encourages us to go to super-spreader events and catch Covid or else they will invade the Michigan State House and burn the female Democratic governor at the stake after a witch trial in the woods.

Ideally you should get the government you pay for in taxes and they should protect you and pay for the services that keep you alive and educate your kids. And it would be nice if they built government infrastructure like safe roadways and bridges, hospitals, schools, and other useful things.

But a majority of the people who voted last night were apparently voting for our tax dollars to enrich billionaires and pay for secret service men’s trips to cathouses and golfing games at Mar-a-lago. That, after all, is who won in the senate. They will continue to do favors for the Koch Brothers and the Walton Family to make them richer while the rest of us pull our unemployed behinds up by our own bootstraps and show a little gratitude to the Senators who are planning to take away protections for pre-existing conditions at SCOTUS on the 10th..

Ah well, I can’t afford to be sick even on Obamacare. I can barely afford to die with the next health problem. It is such a headache to be alive right now. A hangover headache. And I can’t even have alcohol.


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8 responses to “Election Eve Hangovers

  1. There’s always something interesting to think about from an election. What intrigues me right now is how far off the polling was, yet again. Pollsters blew the 2016 election where H. Clinton was supposed to walk away with it. There was much gnashing of teeth and readjusting sampling and questioning procedures. Yet here we are, 2020, and identical errors took place.

    I foolishly thought the bugs were worked out and believed them.

    If Biden loses, I’m inclined to blame the pollsters for it. One uses polls to determine where to put one’s effort. If the polls are wrong, your effort goes into unproductive areas while areas taken for granted are really at risk. For example, the polls say that Texas is in play and certain midwest states are a slam dunk. You pour effort into Texas that ought to have been put elsewhere. Biden came within a gnat’s hair of losing Wisconsin. Michigan and Pennsylvania are both at risk. Oops! Same mistake Hillary made.

    Another example. The Democrats poured a hundred million dollars into Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky because the polls said there could be an upset. The polls were way off and they were crushed. That money could have made a difference in several other Senate races.

    Democrats believed their own propaganda. The belief among Dems is that Trump was so horrible all the independent voters would turn against him in a “big blue wave.” You can’t make those assumptions. This played into the other factor, the grossly inaccurate polling. Since it agreed with what they were already thinking they accepted the numbers without questioning.

    Now why were the polls all wrong – AGAIN? Hate to say it but Trump is right on this. There is a left-wing bias among pollsters. A lot of pro-Trump voters simply never got sampled. Or maybe more accurately, pro-Biden voters got oversampled. Pollsters don’t just pull names at random from the voter rolls. They try to guess who is going to vote. Their idea of who is going to vote was different from those who actually voted.

    The assumption was a big blue wave was about to happen. The assumption was that people who don’t normally vote would come out for Biden. Every year the Democrats assert that this is the year students and minorities and the progressives will come out to vote in droves. It never happens but the pollsters have bought into this notion two elections in a row because that’s what they want to see.

    OTOH, Trump is the one who incented people to vote for him who do not normally vote, poor, midwestern, underemployed and unemployed white people. Those people didn’t get sampled because… well just because they are poor, midwestern, unemployed, white folks. Deplorables.

    If the polls for voting are skewed, then the approval rating polls are skewed. Hoe’s not hated as much as they indicate. I did see a poll where 54% of people polled indicated their lives were better today than 4 years ago. That was an ominous sign I think the press and the Democrats dismised because it didn’t fit their narrative. And ironically, exit polling indicates Trump was doing substantially better with Blacks, Hispanics and women than last year, a total surpise to the Democrats.

    However, I still have hope for my man Biden. The latest results seem to have him very close to 270. He is up 253 to 213 in electoral vote count. People on his staff are starting to openly show anger towards him and GOP leadership is abandoning ship on him. There’s still a chance at a 50-50 Senate which would keep K. Harris a very busy lady.

  2. Mickey, good pictures, post and comments. Quite simply, counting people’s votes is essential to our democracy. The folks on the ground in the election process are dutiful, conscientious and trying to get it right. Stopping the count serves no purpose and gains no new knowledge.

    If the president (or the former VP) do not like the results that are so close, there are measures to follow to ask for a recount. Some small margins may dictate a recount per state law. If at that time, the president wants to bring lawsuit, then that is his right.

    Mitch McConnell noted that lawsuits are not uncommon defending the president. That is true, but what he failed to mention is the president is suing to stop the process and inflame others as he has been staging for over six months. At the heart of the stopping push is the president does not want the tallies to indicate he lost. My guess is his fragile ego cannot handle that and he feels like his legal battle is more uphill. What he is doing now is not a surprise, at all.

    No judge worth any salt will stop a normal process from occurring. Of course, we do have a president who acts abnormally. Keith

    PS – what Fred noted about the open anger toward Trump by his staff should remind us of what may be the best reason to not give him four more years. The Trump White House has had more turnover than any other (he is #1). The happiest people in America were those people who declined his invitation to work for him, knowing his history. The second happiest are those who resigned or were asked to leave. No more mercurial and deceitful behavior to contend with or cover for. My guess is staff open their social media feeds each morning thinking “what will I have to cover for today?”

    • I fear that a miracle Trump win and a narrow Biden victory are equally likely to leave a Trumpist Republican party in their wake. We need a more centrist conservative side to carry on the repair work to our nation that has to be done. Perhaps we can look to men like Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and Michael Steele to form a third party with Eisenhower Republicans like my father once was.

      • Agreed. The Trump Party will continue for awhile. I was hoping a few more Senators losing would have solidified that. If Biden does win, he has said he will appoint a few Republicans to his cabinet. Plus, he will return to normal governance.

        Interestingly, since the Trump folks largely eschewed the briefing material and briefings four years ago in transition and many of the initial department heads are gone, who will the Biden transition team get most of their information from? Michael Lewis read all of the briefing materials and wrote an excellent book called “The Fifth Risk” which speaks of the risks facing our country the president and his team chose not to find out about. Keith

      • I will have to find a copy of the Lewis book.

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