Anything Goes

Now we face a moment of decision. I keep hearing messages from the media that the Pumpkinhead President will steal the election with various strategies. I saw video of the Trumpkins in white pickups going after a blue Biden Campaign bus. A Trumpkin spokes-monkey said on television yesterday that the Trumpists would “Steal back” the election after it was over because of the Supreme Court, recently packed by Republican hypocrisy. I cast my vote already. I did it without catching Covid.

But, cynicism aside, I have always believed in the American people doing what is right in the end. I don’t understand why we let an obvious criminal take over our government for four years. Or why we are allowing him to compete in the current election. But it seems there is more than one criminal who didn’t really win the popular vote in power in our government. The foxes control the henhouse, and the keys to the henhouse door. I guess we must get on with things without making any more omelets.

I know this post is rambling and incoherent. But I am ill and upset with the state of the world in 2020. So, just go vote. And vote against the criminals… all of them. Maybe I will feel better in a couple of days. But probably not.


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6 responses to “Anything Goes

  1. Yawn. The media loves to hype things because hysteria raises ratings. And it is fun to speculate about your enemy stealing something. You then get to fantasize about all the heroic things you’ll do to steal it back.

    It has been pretty obvious for quite a while that Biden is well ahead of the incumbent. We’ll be able to safely bid, “4 no Trump.”

    • That doesn’t take into account my uncanny ability to jinx things that I look forward to. I think it might be my superhero power.

      • EGBOK my friend. The US is not so weak as to be swayed by the likes of Trump. I keep pointing out that it was the people who didn’t vote that gave us Trump. He was only able to win by the apathy of the voter. They found out what happens when you get apathetic and will throw him out.

        The Supreme Court just voted 5-3 against GOP attempts to cut short the absentee vote count in PA. So there’s that.

        Biden has such a huge lead, no amount of cheating can change the outcome. If the votes fall the way the polls trend, the GOP will lose the Senate.

        Trump may turn out to be a good thing for America. He woke up the sleeping giant and made us realize that bad things can happen in good places. All that takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing. The silent majority has ceased to be silent.

        Perhaps the very best thing is that the GOP will be forced to confront itself and reinvent what it means to be a conservative and a Republican. I can’t wait to see how that shakes down.

        I do not want the US to be governed by only one political philosophy. You need a potent opposition or the ruling party becomes a dictatorship.

      • Thanks for the pep talk. I hope it turns out for the best. The Pumpkinhead is doing better than I hoped he would. But you are right about the need to see the Republican Party rebuilt . And we wouldn’t have seen that happen under a Hillary presidency. We need real conservatives for the balance on the right,, not these Trump/McConnell Fascists we have had for four years. They are all extremists, not conservatives.

      • We are in agreement on this!

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