Having Friday Free

Don’t get me wrong. Now that I am retired (and probably dying from one or more of my six incurable diseases, or the return of cancer, because I can’t afford to see the doctor anymore) I don’t have anything on my schedule all week that I didn’t put there myself. But I just finished a novel and published it. And all my bills are paid for the month. And I voted against the pumpkinhead and the rest of the Republicans too just for being elephants first and human beings second. So, I have today free to do whatever I want.

This link is to the NEW one, book # 17.

And not only that, I am giving away my book of essays for free from today until Tuesday midnight. It is made up of essays, most of which appeared on this blog sometime in the years since I started it in 2013.

Laughing Blue contains essays about what it is like to be a middle school English teacher who doesn’t have enough sense to hate kids. It is also about many other things you don’t often think about. Like what it feels like to resist becoming a nudist for most of your life and failing once you retire. And the love-life of the little sofa in Aunt Minnie’s TV room. And the Intergalactic Bad Poetry Contest, including some notable examples from aliens living in exile here on Earth.

You might really consider clicking on the link and getting yourself a copy. There are at least a few chuckles in that book. I know for a fact because I hunted them down, trapped them, and pasted them in there myself.

But those are the most important reasons that I have Friday Free. I got no worries… for the rest of my… week. So, I’m gonna have some fun.

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