The Same Old New Day

Today is…

a new day.

an opportunity.

a day to celebrate.

But Last Night was…

a horror show.

proof our Prexydent is a monster.

reason to be afraid of the future.

So, what do we do?

I wish I had answers. I woke up with a slight sore throat this morning. I have a cough that comes and goes. That is nothing new for me and my allergies this time of year. Still… it might be COVID. I could be dead before the end of the week. My power to affect anything in the world right now is very limited. I have to wait in Texas until early voting starts on October 13th, a very ominously-numbered day. I still have to finish and publish book number 18. And I feel like it is a very good novel. But I may be too ill to write that last chapter today. And it would be a shame to leave this world without finishing it.

We must never give up hope.

We must remember where we came from.

And look for new dawns more than colorful sunsets.

But most of all…

We must remember who we care for…

and the value placed on love.


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4 responses to “The Same Old New Day

  1. You’re in Texas. Potentially a swing state. Unlike my locality, your vote actually counts. (The offices up for election here are all predestined. Not even any close ballot initiatives.)

    Don’t forget that down-ballot offices are important too. Dog catchers can become mayors. City council members are future state legislators. They move on to be Governators or Congress critters. From there, it could be the White House. But it all starts at the bottom of the political food chain.

    • Texas is a red State. I voted against Ted Cruz in the last election, but he had a lot of voting sites rigged so that if you marked Beto on the ballot, the computer filed it as a vote for Ted, the Zodiac Killer Cruz. Does a vote by a Democrat in a Red State ever count?

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