Mickey News…

the Real Post for Today

Today I needed to write something short and sweet to be done with it, and yet, actually do it. This was because my head was hurting with a blood-sugar headache, my computer keyboard is still acting up and interfering with writing, and my ability to actually concentrate is seriously impaired.

On Pubby I have started getting reviews on my book of essays, Laughing Blue. They have shown evidence that people who actually read my book, like it a lot. Today has not been all bad news.

The real news for today is that I am almost finished with my work in progress. The Wizard in His Keep is now past the climax of the plot and winding down. I am at the moment around 42,000 words. I am thinking only two Cantos (Chapters) more.

But I didn’t plan on having to learn a whole new WordPress editing system on a day when my head is aching. So, it ends here for today.

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