Ah, Fridays!

“Mickey, why are you using that picture for this post?”

“Well, because… um… the picture of Millis I tried to start with didn’t work, because my computer keyboard keeps messing up… or maybe WordPress doesn’t like it now that they are supposed to be paying me pennies to put ads on my blog.”

“Millis the rabbit that became a man?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“That doesn’t make any more sense the picture of the Robot boy doing chemistry in front of a Japanese castle.”

“Who are you to question my decisions?”

“I’m your talking dog, Jade. You know the one that you just took for a walk and doesn’t really talk in real life.”

“You don’t really talk?”

“Mickey, I’m your dog. I only talk to you in your imagination because you know me so well you practically know what I am thinking.”

“Oh, really? What were you thinking when you ran away instead of coming back into the house with me at the end of our walk?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I was thinking, SQUIRREL!!!

“I should’ve just left you out there to chase them. Instead I waited on the porch for you to come back and beg to be let back in the house.”

“Well, you love me. And besides, I am almost seventy in dog years, and I am really stupid about cars that could run over me and squish my little head.”

“Yeah. Your stupid head.”

“Mickey, are you holding this conversation with me because you can’t think of anything else to write about?”

“Yes… er, no… It’s just that I am trying to finish editing my book of Essays, Laughing Blue. I am almost done with it.”

“Why does that make you write about your beloved talking dog? The one you are thinking deserves a little hamburger meat right about now?”

“Because my brain it numb from the careful re-reading, and proof-reading, and changing pictures from color to black and white. And I have no thoughts at all where you and hamburger meat are in the same sentence… or even in the same paragraph.”

“Hey, I like that picture of Mom and Henry. Why didn’t you post that one first?”

“I am using it to illustrate the point that I have been converting artwork to black and white for the book. And that isn’t really Mom and Henry. Your mistress, who dislikes you and doesn’t want you to call her Mom even in my stupid old head, is actually a human bean. And Henry is almost 21 and working for the Dallas County Sheriff now. Neither one is still a panda bear.”

“But why did you have to make that black and white? Pandas are already black and white.”

“Her poodle skirt was red in the original picture. And they don’t do color photos in the print version of published books.”

“Why even include a picture, then?”

“Well, you know me. I am a cartoonist. I think in pictures. Especially silly Paffooney pictures.”

“Why don’t you end this post with a black and white picture of me, then?”

“Because I can’t connect my scanner to the computer for some technical reason. And besides, you slobber too much when I try to press your head against the glass in the scanner.”


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