2016 Lost Art

This is in no way a political post, even though I consider 2016 as a bad year for political reasons. This is an art post. It contains artwork originally posted in 2016 that I haven’t displayed enough since.

This is an updated version of a Christmas picture post created in 2015.
This is a detail from “Danse Macabre”, a full-color, four-panel cartoon about Middle Ages artwork and reflections on Sin and Death. Whew! I used to be way too deep.
2016 was the year I started publishing my books myself on Amazon.
I published Stardusters and Space Lizards in 2016. I am still the only person who ever read this novel.
Filch, the Gypsy Entertainer and pickpocket
“Have a coconut cream pie, Gilligan? For a kiss?”
Here’s one that may be useful for The Wizard in his Keep.
I married an island girl.
I did this in 1975.
Muck Man is a superhero whose super power is to knock out bad guys (and good guys, and innocent bystanders) with his incredibly bad smell.
Muck Man’s sidekicks, Muck Woman (who refuses to be called Muck Girl), Muck Lad, and Snitty, the talking rat.
Me in the mirror, 1980
A photo of stuffed toys my children never played with.
When doll collecting starts to overwhelm me.
NBC never paid me for this, but it hasn’t earned them even a nickel anyway.
And so, the post ends in January of 2016 when my gingerbread obsession actually took off.

The pictures, of course represent at least one from each month of posting in 2016. They are in reverse order, starting with December and going back in time to January.


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