The Black Wizard

So, dragons and black wizards… yeah. That’s a thing.

Catch a Falling Star

Admit it, you’ve been expecting a post about the Black Wizard.  Haven’t you?  Or is it just crazy old Mickey thinking he represents the other shoe that needs to drop?  Well, I do get kinda goofy talking about Dungeons and Dragons, don’t I?


The Black Wizard had a name that the player characters eventually learned… but I have stupidly forgotten what it was.  So, I merely refer to him by the name they knew him by for most of the game.  He was a personal nemesis to two of the player character wizards.  He is shown here kidnapping Balin, the young son of the wizard LeRoy, my brother’s fifteenth level wizard.  He also faced off against Asduel, the Sorcerer played by young Fernie the flunkie who was in my eighth grade English class for two consecutive years.  Neither one could defeat him by themselves, and they never played in the…

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