If the Future Remains…

I have to tell you, although I have not gotten the Coronavirus yet, I firmly believe I only have about a ten percent chance of surviving this pandemic. I don’t expect to see any of 2021 with living eyes. And I don’t find that as bleak a prospect as living through it. Because the pandemic and economic crash it caused are not the end of the bad things coming. I am a pessimist.

That does not mean, however, that I would throw away all the goodness that is there to be had as it all comes to an end. I have no regrets. Life has been good. In spite of the pain and darkness I experienced along the way, I have seen wonderous things happen. I have come to believe there is goodness in everybody, even the really bad somebodies. And I can tell you with certainty based on experience, there are far more really good somebodies than there are really bad ones.

This oil painting is not by me. It was done by my daughter, the Princess.

If I do die in the next few weeks or months, I do have faith in the fact that my children have a better chance of surviving than I do. Not all of them have the passion for art and storytelling that I do. But my eldest son tells stories. And my daughter has a passion for drawing and painting… which you can see she does better than I do.

And even if there is a very limited future for life on planet Earth, amazing and enthralling parts of the story are still to be played out. They will still add more to the ultimate story of life on Earth in this solar system in this galaxy… in this universe. And that is the whole purpose for us being here to begin with.

I am vulnerable. I am in pain. But I have not given up. There is more to do. More to think about. More to feel. And I glory in it.

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