AeroQuest 3… Nocturne 7

Nocturne 7 – The Prophecy Fulfilled (the White Thread)

Ged returned to the Palace of 1,ooo Years with a lot on his mind.  But, in truth, the last thing he was thinking of was becoming a biological father.

As he was entering the apartment that he shared with the Lizard Lady, he was surprised to see her sitting at the table with her feet folded under her and a large green egg on the tabletop in front of her.

“What is this, Liz?”

“You have been busy, my love.”

“I have, yes.”

“So have I.”

Ged suddenly had an eerie feeling about what this all meant.

“Is that…?”

“It is.  You must say hello to your firstborn son.”

“But that is an egg.”

“One cannot fool the White Spider.”

“Galtorrian females lay eggs?”

“We do.  Its gestation still has another six lunars to go.”

“Six Gaijinese lunars?  Ten Earther months?”

“That is correct.  You were in Galtorrian form when he was conceived.  He will be as pure-blooded as any Galtorrian ever is.”

“How do you know it is a boy?  Is he already formed in the egg that way?”

“That I do not know.  But this is the child of the prophecy.  This will be Lizardboy Aero, heir of the White Spider.”

“You will tend the egg like a bird?  On a nest?”

“Not quite.  Shen Ming has the necessary incubators to raise a Galtorrian cub.  Lizardboy will not be the first eggborn delivered on this planet.”

Ged knelt on the opposite side of the table.

“May I hold it?”

“Certainly.  You are his father.”

Ged carefully took the leathery but firm egg from her.  He turned it over and over in his hands, examining it carefully.

“My mother on Questor would never have believed this of her son if she were still among the living.”

“May Zhan keep her soul, and may she be blessed by her grandson from another world.”

“Are all Galtorrian purebloods born by eggs?”

“Not all.  There is much Earther DNA in Galtorrians.  They have been intertwined for more than three thousand of your Earth years.  Possibly from a time even before our two home-worlds were ever aware of each other.”

“I know fusions like Phoenix and Taffy King were born the way Earth humans are born.”

“Yes.  All fusions are born the Earther way.  That is why they are so much more human-looking than I am.”

“Ah, but you are beautiful too.  I admit, I never felt it at the beginning, but I do love you now.  And I will love this boy as well.”

“Now comes the hard part, my love.”

“What do you mean?”

“If it hadn’t been for the Prophecy of Zhan, I would never have met you.  But my part in the prophecy is not yet ended.  I am still a spy in the service of the Imperium, and I still have a destiny to fulfill.”

“So… what does that mean for the two of us?”

“We must part for now.  I will leave in the morning, heading back into the Imperium.”

“In what ship?  There is only the Dragon and the Rooster on this planet now.”

“The prophecy says a scout ship will arrive tomorrow.  I must be on it when it leaves.”

“How will I raise our son without his mother?”

“You will be a wonderful father.  And young Sara Smith is not the only lovely little lady that will happily play mother to our son.”

Ged’s head was swimming with emotion.  This parting was completely unexpected and unwanted.

“But certainly, we still at least have tonight?”

“We do still have tonight.”

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