Slowing in Recovery

I finished a novel a week ago. I am almost ready to start a new writing project. But severe sinus headaches and the extreme pollen count outside are slowing me down. It is alarming how green and bloomy this Spring is turning out to be. It is almost like something has magically taken the pollution out of the air and kept humans from spoiling the environment for over a month. There isn’t something out there I wasn’t aware of, is there? Beyond the pandemic and other consequences of the warming climate crisis, I mean?

My book is about a boy forced to make a new life for himself, being forced to live with a stepmother and two twin stepsisters he never met before the tragedy, and in the unfamiliar world of the nudist park where his father now lives with his new family.

But that is over now. New projects are about to take over my life. I plan on finishing AeroQuest 3 : Juggling Planets, But that is not my new work-in-progress. That is a rewrite of the novel I wrote and published in 2007 with a scammy publishing company that no longer exists. I also plan on furthering my graphic novel, Hidden Kingdom. I have been working on that thing in one form or another since college in the 70’s.

My next original writing project will probably be the novel The Wizard in his Keep. As A Field Guide to Fauns was the novel that finishes the arc of the character Sherry Cobble, this new novel will do the same for the wizard character from Superchicken, Milt Morgan. It will be about Milt’s adulthood computer wizardry and how he uses it to rescue lost orphans through a fictional world inspired by The Lord of the Rings. By that I mean Milt’s virtual-reality world will be all sword and sorcery, and revolve around a Robin-Hood-like boy-hero named Hoodwink. The in-game story, lived by the rescued orphans will magically re-unite Daisy and her two younger brothers with their lost family, though not their lost parents.

But, the whole point of this post is that things are going slower for me on this new project. The turn-around time from one novel to the next will not happen as quickly as the last time. I don’t have writer’s block. But I do have health problems. And today’s massive headache is a reminder that I am getting older fast. And there’s also a little matter of a coronavirus stalking me, hoping to catch and kill me. Ah, life just keeps getting easier!

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