Mickey Receives the Sunshine Blogger Award

Ironically, after a week of posting about black humor and how fast the Coronavirus is going to kill me, I received the Sunshine Blogger Award. You know what “ironically” means, right? It’s when a humorist makes a joke about you by throwing a flatiron at your head.

Mickey was given this award by the wonderful Moyatori whose blog about anime contains wonderful art and cool insights. More people should read and follow this blog. Here’s the link; https://moyatorium.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/sunshine-blogger-award-finally-an-award-post/

But an award like this comes with a price. So, here are the rules;

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

So, now that I have answered rules #1 and #4, let me begin answering questions about Mickey to fulfill #2.

Moyatori’s questions:

One; In a situation where you must initiate small talk, what’s your go-to topic?

I have more than 3o years experience in public school classrooms teaching every grade level from 6th through 12th. So, when I am in need of a small-talk topic, I naturally pull out the subject of what it is like to be a nudist, or how to be a clown, or what it takes to make a good joke for a comic strip (including a willingness to draw comic characters on napkins to illustrate the point.) I know you probably think at this point that you must have missed a transition in my answer somewhere. But every teacher knows you have to stand metaphorically naked in front of a group of 30+ kids six times a day for 50 minutes a shot. And if you can’t put on an entertaining show for the denizens of the classroom monkey house, they will eat you. And if you can get them to laugh about what they are learning, they will actually remember it.

Two; If there are 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra hour?

I would work hard to change it back to a twenty-four-hour day. After all, adding an hour to 365 days a year, 366 on leap year, would massively screw up the calendar and throw the seasons completely out of kilter. Who knows what environmental impacts such an astronomical change would have?

Three; Would you prefer to commute to work/school by flying carpet, pumpkin carriage, or ventilated glass coffin carried by coffin dancers?

Flying carpet! Are you kidding me? Of the three, that one is the most versatile and magical choice. You could go practically anywhere at any time. A pumpkin carriage is restricted to roads, and it turns into a pumpkin at midnight. Besides, you couldn’t use it the second day because the mice that pulled it would eat it during the night. And coffin dancers? That fellow Murphy the professional coffin dancer has one leg longer than the other. You would get bounced and bruised the whole way. And the glass might break. And a flying carpet often means there’s a geni flying around somewhere near. Could I ever use two more wishes!

Four; How many hours of sleep do you need each night to feel rested?

How can I possibly answer this? A human being normally needs about eight hours of sleep. A teacher only gets five hours maximum, because of grading papers, worrying about the next day’s bomb threats and/or pep rallies, and the possibility that cheerleaders will want to shave your head or throw pies at you to motivate your classes. Once the teacher becomes a parent, then only three hours if you are lucky. And once retired, arthritis pains keep you awake. Rested? What’s that?

Five; What’s the best food to eat when stressed? (Don’t tell me I’m the only stress eater here…)

Mmmm! Pie!!! Unfortunately, also diabetic. Hmmm… green beans?

Six; If you must immigrate to another country, where would you go?

The Merry Old Land of Oz. I would have no problem with wetting a couple of witches with cold water, and you can make yourself ruler there with a few lies and balloon tricks.

Seven; What kind of songs do you listen to at the end of a frustrating day?

Classical music. I would never joke about Debussy, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Eight; What’s the best dish you’ve made recently? Mind sharing your recipe with me?

Goofy Gumbo is made with 8 beef hot dogs cut into numerous nickel-sized pieces, fried on both sides, mixed in a bowl with hash browns, red and green peppers, and a can of chili with no beans. Microwave for six minutes. Serves a family of five, or two teenage boys… not both at the same time or there will be portion fights and poop jokes.

Nine; My mom wants to learn more English by watching more TV shows. She enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy and The Handmaid’s Tale, and likes “deep” stories with diverse casts. What TV show would you recommend my mom? (Totally not asking because I don’t watch enough TV.)

Forget about TV. Go to Netflix. Find Scooby Doo; Mystery Incorporated. Try hard not to die laughing.

Ten; What’s your favourite fairy tale, and why?

I prefer any or all of the Fractured Fairy Tales from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, the 60’s cartoon show. I like them because they always end with a moral to the story that is always punny.

Eleven; On a scale of cotton candy to razor blade dripping with your enemy’s blood, are you more wholesome or edgy?

I am almost precisely in the middle. I would rate myself at the clown in face paint that you don’t quite know if it’s funny or scary holding a lollipop in the right hand, but the left behind the back, potentially holding a chainsaw. The edginess is in my subtext.

I will have to add the list of eleven bloggers later, since most of the best ones I know don’t really like doing blogging awards. I need to get some permissions first, and I have to check my calendar to determne if I know what day I am dying from Covid 19.

So, if I can find eleven willing victims, here are the questions I will ask them;

  1. Have you ever written a humorous post that doesn’t involve jokes about sex, poop, Donald Trump, or your tax accountant?
  2. What is the strangest blog topic you have ever written an entire essay about?
  3. Do you like kids? And if so, do you like them to be sweet… or do you have an alternative recipe? (Keep in mind I use a lot of metaphors and am probably not a cannibal.)
  4. As a writer, do you like to use… long pauses? Sentence fragments? Or do you eschew writing like people actually talk, like using long, drawn-out, and adjectivelly over-filled run-on sentences that seem to go on and on as if the writer doesn’t have any idea where the brakes are?
  5. What book has had the most influence over your writing? And was it a fiction book? Non-fiction book? Instructional manual about writing?
  6. Briefly describe the person you can blame most vehemently for turning you into a writer. This counts as a question doesn’t it?
  7. If you had to accurately describe your writing style with a single color, what color would it be, and why?
  8. What writer, living or not, would be the be the best choice to write your life story? J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Suess, or somebody even better?
  9. If you were imprisoned by Nazis at the South Pole, what penguin-related escape plot would you plan first?
  10. Which, in your view, is the stupidest question Mickey has asked so far?
  11. Who is your favorite comedian? (Discounting Mickey, of course, because he can’t retaliate anyway, and nobody actually reads his books or his blog.)


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6 responses to “Mickey Receives the Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for doing this so soon! No irony had been intended when I nominated you, but that is a valid take. I like the fun spins you put on your answers, and Goofy gumbo sounds like ultimate comfort food!

  2. Hearty Congratulations….

  3. Okay…Sure visit my blog and do let me know,whether it is sunshiny or not?

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