The Final Day… Here Again

No, I am not breaking out of quarantine. And I am not about to die. It is the final day of writing my novel, A Field Guide to Fauns. I will have the manuscript complete before the day is over, ready for editing and proofreading tomorrow… or in a day or two.

I can say I will finish confidently because I am absolutely certain there is no more than two or three pages left in the story plan.

But writing my novel is not the only useful thing I have been doing. I have been solving endless plumbing problems in our old house. I have also been doing yard-work in between bouts of rain. And I decided to break out an old Christmas gift from my sister, given to me in the 80’s, and put it together.

You can see from my progress pictures that it is definitely not the last day for this particular project.

I was able to successfully move my recent painting projects, including the Toonerville Congregational Church, to their new location on Fireplace Mantle Street.

So, as with all of life, as one thing ends, other things continue. And some even begin.

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