Friday 13th and How the World Ends

A Flower Un-Blooming

Yesterday they canceled school at least until the 20th of March with an option to extend that for as long as needed. That protects me from infection, but puts my personal economics in jeopardy. No substitute teaching jobs in the coming week. Potentially they will cancel my two jobs lined up for the rest of March. Walmart sold out of bread, bottled water, and toilet paper in a couple of hours last night. I managed one loaf of bread in the check-out chaos. I wasn’t planning to buy bread last night, but if the week’s supplies are going to be gone…

So, here comes the potential pestilential apocalypse, full steam ahead and straight at us. Oh, well. It’s better than brain-eating zombies.


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2 responses to “Friday 13th and How the World Ends

  1. I had a gig lined up as a nude model for the local college art classes out here. Now school is canceled and unless they put me on line, (LOL!) no work for me.

    I was also working on a one man show for a nearby theater. (I’ve blogged about it.) Now almost every theater in town is closed and my director has self isolated herself indefinitely to avoid the virus. Oh well, oh hell.

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