Terrible Times

It is finally looking like we may be about to get rid of the terrible tyrant Trump. He is now dealing with a real crisis not of his own making. The Corona Virus is going to do for Trump what Hurricane Katrina did for Junior Bush. And the unpardonable Republican sin of tanking the economy will occur because of Trump’s Tariff Wars and the broken stock market smashed by the Corona Pandemic, which is not only terrorizing this country, but shutting down the means of production of all Walmart goods and Apple parts that make our economy continue to fill rich people’s pockets off of the slave-labor wages paid to the Chinese workers who now have all the American manufacturing jobs.

Of course, if that sounds like the rich finally reaping the rewards of their bad karma, it is most certainly not. Rich folks in this society pass along the pain rather than suffer it. I am sure they will try to do the same with the virus. Is there not a way rich folks can pay to have someone else be sick for them? Surely there is.

No, it will be me and people like me who suffer the most. I have no emergency funds left for hospital bills. I am only half way through paying off my Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Corona Virus will be the death of me. And the loss of my income and the unpaid bills will put my family on the streets.

Our house is an older home. The plumbing is disintegrating. The electrical systems are breaking down. We can no longer bake anything in the electric oven. The dryer doesn’t work anymore. One toilet in the house can no longer be used. The central air conditioning is dead. We may soon lose the hot-water heater. And the house is our only asset. We may soon lose it to the local tax district. Or it may fall down because of foundation damage from too-frequent Texas rains that we never used to get.

But I am okay. I am definitely not alone. And it will make me happy to see Donald Trump defeated in November (should I manage to live so long), and be locked up for the rest of his miserable life for all the crimes he has committed in the past, present, and probably future. Terrible Times are here again… Hurrah?

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