Probably Parkinsons

My hands shake at times. The muscles in my rib-cage constantly spasm and got me sent to the ER once for suspected heart-attack (Which ironically turned out to be a muscle spasm). And my father, in his 80’s, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

I have increasingly been seeing the ghost dog in the house. I know we have a living, breathing dog in the house. And when I see the ghost dog’s tail disappearing through the locked door to the garage, I go check on our dog and find her in another room, sleeping, stealing people food, or pooping on the carpet. The ghost dog never does any of those things. And I never see the whole dog. It is usually just the hindquarters and tail.

The concerning thing is, however, that seeing partial figures in the form of a hallucination is a symptom of Parkinson’s.

I am not generally happy about the prospects. My father, on medicare, is being treated for Parkinson’s. My doctor won’t diagnose such a thing himself, and all the specialists he refers me to are out of network. Aetna has the system pretty well rigged. I will not get any Parkinson’s treatment.

Oh,well. I will just have to learn to live with it (rather than dying from it). Ghost dogs don’t bark or bite. But they are heck on burglars, murderers, and home invaders (should it turn out to be real enough to be seen by them).


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2 responses to “Probably Parkinsons

  1. went to a neurologists over my shaking hands thinking I might have Parkinson’s. He diagnosed a very less serious condition called “essential tremors”. He offered to prescribe medicines that are primarily relaxers of a sort. I declined. This lasted about two years and has gone away on its own.

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