Rolling Onward

Last year’s Gingerbread Express.

Life moves on whether I’m up to it or not. Number 2 Son landed a job as an electrician’s apprentice. I took him to his first day of work (Orientation apparently) at the new Arlington Ballpark for the Texas Rangers. His new company has a contract for electrical work in the stadium that will be opening in April. I had to take him many miles in the dark and the fog to get there well before sunrise. It left me hollow with exhaustion, but satisfied that another chick is trying his wings and leaving the nest.

Not having any ideas what to write about today, I thought I might eventually want to publish a book of essays. I definitely have more novel-length stories in me than I have yet published on this blog in story-idea form. I am trying to republish AeroQuest 3, and at the same time, convert Magical Miss Morgan from Page Publishing to Amazon.

I have a sub job for tomorrow after delivering Number 2 Son to his job again. At least I am getting help with picking him up in the afternoon by Number 1 Son.

So, with nothing to really write about today, I managed to write this post anyway.


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3 responses to “Rolling Onward

  1. Impressive gingerbread train. Every time I try building a gingerbread anything, my homemade icing rails me…

    Speaking or which, in case my last comment failed to send, I finished and adored Recipes for Gingerbread Children!

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