Fleeing Fatal Flu

December so far has not been kind. When my family came home from their Thanksgiving trip to Florida, the two boys had the flu. And, of course, they gave it to me. I have been seriously ill for the better part of three weeks. Having diabetes and being unable to afford insulin, I guess I am lucky to even be alive at this point. But I was unable to do any substituting in December. So, no extra money comes in during January. I will be paying for it for a while.

But one bright spot in the whole sickness story was that my daughter had reached semester test week without getting the bug and without missing school. Ah, but the Christmas flu fairies had a different outcome in mind. Monday, by the end of the day, she was bright green in the face and suffering. She was beside herself with worry about testing. She forced herself to go to school the next morning and take her first period exam. She got her exam done, and made a perfect score of 100 on it. But then she had to come home and go directly to the doctor. Yep, the flu. And probably gotten from classmates who also are missing tests about now. Wednesday and Thursday was misery and vomiting and fevers. She will live through it, but not with smiles on her bright green face. The school is understanding about her missing the tests, and it will be made up.

So, I have to take care of her with caution. If it is a different flu than I recently had, the Florida flu, I could get sick again. And this time it could easily be a fatal flu. I am not afraid. I have battled flu so many times that it no longer scares me. I know what to do. And I will get through it.


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4 responses to “Fleeing Fatal Flu

    • When I get flu vaccinations I am sick for a week. And then I come down with the flu anyway. My family used to get protection from vaccines, but not this year or last. I wonder if they are developing the same sensitivity and will have to stop taking them too. My wife never gets the flu. She has no trouble with vaccines.

      • I would talk to a doctor about that. It is a killed virus so you ought not yo be getting anything but inflamation around the injection site and minor soreness and stiffness. You may be allergic to the contents.

        You may also have an immune issue if you always get the flu anyhow.

      • Yes, I definitely have immune system issues. That is from sixteen years of seeing allergists, endocrinologists, and rheumatologists. I don’t take flu shots on doctors’ recommendations now. I have to combat viruses in other ways now. The only worry is whether my children suffer from the same sensitivity. It is rare. But it does run in families. I am fortunate that it is not lupus. That is one of the things I was thoroughly tested for.

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