Life is Like a Bowl Full of Fruitcake Shards

There is lots of stuff to be down and blue and depressed about. The criminal president is going to be impeached, and then let off the hook. The climate is going to freeze us and boil us and deprive us of air. Wealthy bankers and insurance CEOs and billionaires have already deprived us of money and purchasing power. My health is poor. My heart may already be giving out. Not much to look forward to but a simple funeral where someone may cry while others will be glad I am gone.

But Batman is at the bus stop to stop boogeymen from arriving by bus. And Christmas is almost upon us, the season of fruitcakes and football in bowl games. And visions of sugarplums dance through their heads… and potential for gingerbread cookies and chocolate milk. So, put it all in a blender and drink it all down. Life is like fragments of fruitcake, drawing flies, but slaying any fly who takes a bite. It is toxic, but pretty. Soothing but sour. And only the colors, details, and arrangements ever change.

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