Illustrating Your Own Writing

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I have any advice to offer about how to do what I am doing. First of all, I can’t claim to be successful at it. Also, I am doing it all by instinct, not by study and planning. All I am really doing this for is to show you my favorite pictures.

for The Boy… Forever

I basically draw the pictures before I write the story down in paragraphs. The story exists already in my head, and the pictures help it gel in my mind before it comes out in fiction form.

An illustration for AeroQuest 2; Planet of the White Spider
The Baby Werewolf

I particularly enjoy drawing the characters, giving them actual, physical substance so that they exist not only in my stupid old head, but also on the page or on the screen to allow them to be in front of my eyes.

Snow Babies
from Superchicken
From Sing Sad Songs
The Book Cover itself

Being able to illustrate can be a way into producing covers for myself that have as much chance at catching the reader’s eye as anything else that I do.

People tell me that my artwork is enchanting and that they like it.

They are, hopefully, not all lying when they say that.

Magical Miss Morgan
Recipes for Gingerbread Children
The Bicycle-Wheel Genius

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