People Art

All art on this planet (with the possible exceptions of paintings by monkeys and elephants, and the songs of whales and dolphins) is about people. What is art, after all, if it is not a reflection of who and what we are?

“Tell me a story with our people in it.”

I am the man from the setting sun who comes from the past to deliver the future.

Every bit of art I do now is done as my own mortality, the end of my own story, is soon to reach the final page. I have lived six decades complete and have begun to live the seventh. I am close to the sunset. But I have wisdom to share from a lifetime of struggle, and reversals, and successes, and joy. And in a dark time when it appears the world could actually be ending, I wish to do the only thing I can to help, provide pictures and stories that might prove useful to you.

“We are beautiful as the day is ending, because the day was worth living in.”
“Magic, like lightning, infuses the sky with that which makes us wonder. What is it? How do I use it?”
What we are is based on what we were. Our hopes for the future have their foundation in our past. We only have to see it and identify it. Then we can build on it.
Why am I obsessed with naked people? Because naked people are exactly what you see. Naked hides nothing, and honesty is like sunshine, the more we walk in it, the healthier we become.
Laughter is an essential part of who we need to be and how we deal with where we need to go. Laugh at mistakes, and chuckle with satisfaction as you correct them.
Life is like Moose Bowling because… in order to knock down all the pins, you have to learn how to throw a moose!
Art exists because it simply has to exist. My art exists because I exist. So, my art exists because you all made the mistake of allowing me to exist.

So, all art is about people. Even the art with no people in it. That art, at least, has a creator who was most probably a people… or a monkey… or an elephant.. or a… well, you get the idea, don’t you?


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2 responses to “People Art

  1. I think I like the first picture the best, the “Story of Skye Lodge”. It reminds me of the elders passing on wisdom to the young. It is a process that civilization has upset.

    The more civilized we become the less value we see in such wisdom. After all, our wisdom was developed in a time long past and is assumed not to be relevant in times present because of all the “progress” since then. The faster progress happens the quicker we become obsolete.


    Whether we like it or not, we are still the same people who invented the wheel, controlled fire, domesticated animals, devised agriculture, the spear, the bow and arrow, and clothing. We also invented large scale warfare and politics. That was all there long before civilization emerged.

    The Paleolithic era ended about 11,000 years ago. The Neolithic area only ended from 2-6 thousand years ago for most of humanity and tiny bands of Neolithic humans still exist today in remote areas. Modern man is biologically and behaviorally indistinguishable from stone age man.

    I would argue that real wisdom is about understanding human nature. Human nature hasn’t changed. An understanding of human nature is always useful.

    The world seems anxious to discard the very notion of human nature. It is complex and subjective. Human nature connects us to our animal ancestors. People with political or social or economic agendas don’t want to concede (At least not publicly!) that while we may be very sophisticated number-crunchers, ultimately we are still driven by the instincts of millennia ago.

    The wise man understands this.

    • I agree with everything you said. The storyteller is critical to me, as I was a more storyteller as a teacher than pedegogue. And I only offer this stuff as wisdom because the kids I used to tell stories to were fool enough to mistake me for a wise man.

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